SPROUT is the Work Initiative of Tamar Village to encourage excellence and innovation in our production.

We bring hope to people involved in or at risk of the trades of the Red Light Arena by walking long term journeys of restoration with them. Part of this journey includes working at our restoration centre to earn a daily allowance as they dream about their future career path. At the Restoration Center, they are involved in different work skill programs to create and develop different products.

Every donation made for each product brings in funds to support the individuals in our Restoration Center for their monthly work allowance, housing rental & career development funds. As they see the products they make being appreciated, it brings great excitement and encouragement to their hearts. Every product made allows us to be able to walk a long term journey with each one as they take steps of holistic restoration towards a stable future.


Grow and build individuals who are full of purpose, excellence and resilience


A sustainable workplace where individuals grow to have good relationships and reach their full potential