We would love the opportunity to collaborate with contemporary cafes to carry out SPROUT Products such as tote bags, pouches, pottery and other lifestyle products on a consignment basis. Your customers will love the idea of compassionate shopping for social good in addition to enjoying your delicious cup of coffee.

All you need is a small space (a wall) to place our mesh display rack that can display the products.  By partnering with us, you will directly help build lives and the careers of our sisters and brothers working in our restoration programs by enabling them to fulfil their careers.

Our retail partners:

Shen and Co
140 Upper Bukit Timah Rd, #01-01, Singapore 588176

Weddings and Events  

We have a range of reasonable priced mini gift items which can be customised and made for order. Some of the items we produced in bulk for events are cookies, pouches, magnets, tissue packet holders, mini plants and tea infusions. We also have the privilege of providing wedding favours for that special day.

Our sisters and brothers will produce gifts for your guests with love and care. Contact us for more details!

Schools and Institutions  

Tamar Village have been invited to set up stalls and educate students with social work and provide internships. With SPROUT, your institute can invite us to promote our products and work skill programs. In addition, we also can provide opportunities for internships to improve skills and gain experience in serving others.

For special days such as Mothers’ day, Teachers’ day and Environment day, we can provide suitable gifts at a discounted rate. It is always a nice gesture to give gifts to people whom we care for to show our love and appreciation. At SPROUT, we are focusing on producing thoughtful yet useful gifts that can brighten some one’s day!

Churches and Social Services

We warmly welcome bulk orders and are open to your ideas. We can create welcome packs, garden items and other souvenirs of your choice. Please email us for a discussion to get acquainted.

Email us: