Our Story

We bring hope to people involved in or at risk of the trades of the Red Light Arena by walking long term journeys of restoration with them. Part of this journey includes working at our restoration centre to earn a daily allowance as they dream about their future career path. At the Restoration Center, they are involved in different work skill programs to create and develop different products.

About Us

SPROUT is a Work Skill Programme under Tamar Village.

Based in Singapore, Tamar Village has journeyed with individuals and family units in the red-light district of Singapore since 2010. SPROUT is the product of the work-skill programmes run at Tamar Village’s restoration center.

Our Offerings

Every product is lovingly handmade by either a brother, sister or a volunteer at our Restoration Center.


Warm and delicious!


Handsewn products


Grown with patience and diligence.

Every contribution furthers our restoration work.

To Contribute a Love Gift

Donate $5

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Donate $50

More available at our Restoration Center.

We are open for walk in sales!

Kindly email tamarvillage@mercy-centre.org to book an appointment!